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My Testimony: God Sent my Husband

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

My testimony proves that God is still in the prayer answering business! Many of you may have already visited my website,, and read how my husband and I met in December 2015, but you may not know exactly how things came together for me and where my story began. Even though it took years for my prayers to finally come to pass, God was still faithful to me and he didn’t forget about me, just like I didn’t forget that my faith has the ability to move mountains and giving up on my heart’s desire was not an option. Yes, the road to get here was trying and it tested my faith on countless occasions. Was my faith level a perfect 10 the whole way through? Not at all. I had my moments when I felt down and my faith needed a pick me up. Even when I was at my lowest I could never allow myself to believe my husband didn’t exist. I still believed and that belief is what got me here today. So, the question is do you have the faith to still believe He will still bring your husband even though it hasn’t happened yet. Do you still have the faith to believe your husband is out there even when nothing seems to work in your favor. I hope the answer is yes and will remain yes as you travail through your singleness. Matthews 6:33 states, “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I am a firm believer that if you follow God and seek Him first then the things you want to acquire will be added to you.

My story to get here began at a young age. I always desired to be in a happy long-lasting relationship and couldn’t wait my turn to be like the girls in my class or the women on TV. Love was such a beautiful thing and being loved had a way of making people feel accepted and valuable. I wanted to feel those same things so I craved to receive this love I saw all around me. As I began to grow as a young woman my reasons for being in a relationship and being married became skewed and were tailored to fit my emotional needs. I wanted to be married for all the wrong reasons. Looking back, I now realize why my prince charming didn’t arrive when I wanted him to and it was for a very important reason. God’s plan for my life greatly exceeded that of my own and He needed me to understand what being married and having true love was all about. It wasn’t about satisfying my emotional needs, but it was about fulfilling a spiritual purpose and my future marriage was called to be much more than just a void filler with a meaningless title. I was called to glorify God and my marriage would have a purpose. My story would have a purpose and if I didn’t go through the trials I had to face to get here there would be no blog to share my journey and there would be no testimony. So, I’m here to tell you that what you are going through as you wait for your husband or wife is a divine set up and the end result will blow your mind because what God has in store for you will exceed your thoughts and imaginations. I know because He did just that for me.

Before my husband, I felt like I had a curse on my love life. No matter how hard I tried to make a relationship work, they never seemed to last. The truth was I wanted to have a relationship that lasted for years like my friends, but I barely made it to one year. My longest committed relationship was actually 8 months. How pitiful I thought. Why couldn’t I make it to a year or more. I’m not crazy or psycho, and I’m a pretty cool person. I thought maybe something was wrong with me. I searched for answers and explanations, but I could not find a sufficient answer for my singleness. I remember going through a period in my singleness where every guy I was interested in didn’t have interest in me. They only saw me as just a friend or they weren’t ready for a relationship. Some guys didn’t give me a chance because I was celibate, too skinny, too holy, too tall, too intimidating, too soft spoken, and the list goes on. There were also periods where no men my age were interested in me. Only guys twice my age or older were interested. I was so tired of men 20 years older than me trying to date me. I couldn’t get past the idea of dating a guy who was closer to my parents age than that of my own. Then there was the phase where absolutely no one seemed to be interested. No one asked for my number or seemed to even notice I existed. It was like I had a sign on my forehead that said “Do not date me” and everyone could see it but me. I let people set me up on blind dates and not so blind dates, and still nothing seemed to work.

These are just a few examples of some of the phases I went through during my singleness. All I wanted was one thing, and I just couldn’t seem to meet a single person on the face of this planet that was actually on the same page as me. That was until I met my husband, but before I met my husband I had to come to a point in my life where I had to learn what mattered the most when it came to relationships and marriage. God had a plan for me and when I began to learn how God would use me in marriage that’s when things started to fall into place. Marriage is a ministry and I was going to let God use my marriage for His glory. I wanted to make a change and I wanted to make a difference in my family and have a long lasting marriage with no divorce. After my parents divorced after 15 years of marriage I became even more determined to change this cycle that had become so common in my family.

The year I met my husband I felt deep in my spirit that things were getting ready to shift in my life. I was beginning to make some spiritual changes and things were being revealed to me through the Spirit. I knew something was getting ready to happen, and I walked through that year in faith. By the end of that year I met my husband and believe it or not I didn’t know he was my husband. He was a nice guy, but he wasn’t quite what I expected. I’m sure we all have pictured our husband/wife in our mind, but I’ll be the first to tell you that he/she may not come how you’ve always imagined, but I guarantee he/she will be just right for you. My husband had every characteristic and spiritual quality I desired in a man, and after about 3 months of dating I began to truly see the amazing man he was. This was indeed my husband and when I realized this about him I had a peace like no other. I was confident with my decision. God had finally answered my prayers.

So please, don’t give up and don’t let go of what your heart desires. God hears your prayers. Like you, I felt like my prayers were unheard and I was last on the list when it came to love. I was that girl that got so sick of love that I couldn’t stand to listen to love songs or watch love stories on TV. I wished and wished for my husband to come, but he never did. I wanted to be married and experience true love, but no matter what I did and no matter how long I waited it never seemed to come. So, I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how disheartening it can be to be single with no sign of when your husband will arrive. Although, the road was long and slow for me God was still gracious and blessed me with my husband just like I asked. He didn’t come when I wanted, but he came! God had a bigger plan for us and I’m thankful that I was able to remain faithful and kept holding on. I believed I was worthy of being loved and I was worthy of marriage, I just had to find a man that was worthy enough to have me and I was worthy enough for him. That person found his way into my life when I least expected it and he came according to God’s perfect timing. Always remember His plans are not our plans and His ways are not our ways. Your husband may not be here now, but it is your duty to remain faithful and seek the kingdom of God wholeheartedly. He will reward your obedience and he will give you the desires of your heart if you let Him. Sometimes we have to get out of the way and let God prepare and arrange what He has for us. Try surrendering your heart to Gods will and watch how he will move in your life in a miraculous way.

To read more about our love story visit my blog site and click on the about tab. You will find many helpful articles to help you get through this journey. Don’t give up! If He did it for me He will do it for you!

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