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3 Steps I Took to Believe What I Could Not See.

Some of you reading this article right now are wondering if this year will remain the same way it started. You ended last year hoping and praying for your husband or wife, and here you are in 2019 with the same expectation, but absolutely no sign of it actually happening. You are trying to remain faithful, but it’s hard staying faithful with a broken heart and cloudy vision. The smile on your face can only cover up the frown in your heart for so long. You need a glimmer of hope and you need a sign. I know things are looking like they aren’t flowing in your favor, but I’m here to tell you that things aren’t always as they seem. Don’t let what you can’t see deter you from your destination and don’t let what you can’t see sway you into disbelief. You may just be in an intentional blind spot. Sometimes we go through periods in life when we can’t see our way and it seems like our Father isn’t near. These periodic blind spots are strategically placed before us to increase our faith and to create a testimony to bless someone else someday. I can certainly testify that I had no idea how my husband was going to make his way into my life. Every attempt I made towards having true love failed. Nothing was flowing in my favor before December 2015, the year I met my husband.

Before my husband arrived, I had grown complacent and comfortable in stagnancy. I wanted to dwell in situations that fulfilled my loneliness even if it meant settling for less than what I knew I deserved. Have you ever found yourself operating out of a place of convenience? A place that looks nice, feels nice, and gets you by from day to day, but it doesn’t fulfill your hearts true desire nor does it challenge you to be greater and do greater. Well, that’s where I was. I became stagnant and I became comfortable with filling my lonely void with meaningless relationships. So, getting out of my blind spot commanded me to be obedient! I had to let some people go. I had to make a commitment to myself and that commitment was to always treasure my worth and to never settle for anybody or any situation that cheapened my worth. I had to make some moves and that’s when things started lining up. When I obeyed Gods command, my vision started coming together and I could feel a shift taking place in my life. I couldn’t see it, but I could sense it. Something was about to happen!

If you agree your vision has gotten a bit foggy and you are comfortable in a convenient situation then here are some steps you can take to get around the blind spot in your life. Let’s get your clear vision back?

1. Make some moves!

Some of you are in a blind spot this very moment. You have absolutely no clue where you are headed nor can you see the road ahead of you. To make matters worse you have no sense of direction. Every way is the wrong way. Nothing looks good and hasn’t looked good for a while now. For those of you who feel this way, it’s time to make some moves! Start moving and quit standing still. Get involved with other like minded Christians who can help you along this journey. Start reading books pertaining to spiritual growth and what to do while you are single. Remember faith without works is dead. It’s time to start faithing your way through your situation. Sitting at home alone starring at the walls will not bring your spouse to you. You have to walk to your destination. You also have to walk in obedience!

Some of you have been going in circles with the same guy or girl for too long and you won’t let go of the them even though they are clearly wasting your time. Or you are too afraid to be alone, so you force yourself into meaningless relationships. Perhaps your act of faith can be demonstrated in your ability to let that person go or take some time to be alone so you can actually find your way towards God’s will for your life. The longer you willingly stay in a stagnant relationship with someone that you know isn’t any good for you, the longer you are willing to agree that your will is better than the will of God. No wonder you have a blind spot. How can you see Gods will for your life if you are totally consumed in making your will work for your life? If you’ve ever told yourself “I deserve better than this” then that is your official warning that you may not be in the right place. Seek His will and I promise things will start looking a lot better for you!

2. No matter what, don’t stop believing!

Don’t stop trusting the Lord! Our God is faithful and I believe He will give you the desires of your heart, just like he gave me the desires of my heart. During my four years of singleness before my husband arrived I went through some very difficult periods where I was blind to what the future held for me. Everyone else around me always seemed to be so optimistic about my future, but I was the one living the life and I had no signs showing me that what I had been praying for was actually on its way. Those days were rough, but I never completely gave away the little hope I kept tucked away deep in my heart. No matter how frustrated, angry, impatient, or confused I got I could not allow myself to believe I would never be loved by a man the way I knew I deserved to be loved. I would cry and throw a pity party sometimes, but once I got over my moment my heart always went back to the word of God. His word says if we seek his kingdom and his righteousness then all things will be added unto us. He said He would give us our heart’s desire. There’s nothing too hard for God! So keep asking and trusting that He will fulfill that area of your life.

At times during my journey He would speak to me concerning my future husband, so I was able to keep on believing. If you are struggling with hearing the voice of God, then I encourage you to get deep in his word and make worshiping Him a part of your daily routine. He will speak to you if you have a true relationship with Him. God needs time with you and it’s left up to you to grow your relationship with Him so He can have the opportunity to speak to you. Give God more time and your relationship will grow.

Growing a strong relationship with the Lord should be your primary focus while you are single. Once you become married you will have many other obligations to your husband and family, so the best time to devote your time and heart to God is now! Seek God in all you do and watch how He will show up in your life.

3. Search for the positives!

It’s so easy to only see the negative side of our situation, but true spiritual maturity comes when you are able to dissect your situation and see the good that can come out of it. I believe all things happen for a reason and there’s always something to learn in both negative and positive situations. Often times our trials were designed to make us stronger and more resilient. Soldiers are created through rigorous training and tough, unpleasant situations. Even the muscles in our body have to go through pain and pressure in order to grow strong. Strength is developed through our ability to overcome difficult situations. Some of you don’t even know the measure of your strength. You are much stronger than you know. If you can begin to see the positive side instead of dwelling on the negative side, your strength will begin to grow and it will reveal itself to you and others. A weak mind produces a weak body, and a strong mind produces a strong body. Take this opportunity to see how you can grow and develop into a brave person rather than focusing on how your situation is making you less than what you truly are.

Satan wants to keep you bound and the best way he can do that is to keep your mind bound. He doesn’t want you to see the good in your situation, only the bad. So, if you allow yourself to wither away in your negative thinking you are giving in to exactly what the devil wants. How about you prove Satan wrong and show him and everyone else why you are a child of God and that your strength comes from the Lord. No blind spot will keep you from receiving all that God has for you! A blind spot is only a temporary situation that’s allowing you to focus on the things you have hoped for and those things which you are certain are waiting for you although you can’t see it. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (KJV Hebrews 11:1). So, in other words, a blind spot is a faith spot.

Say this prayer with me, I declare today that I will keep my faith in the midst of the blind spot I’m currently in. I know my year may have begun with a rough start, but I’m declaring my year won’t end the way it began! I can’t see where the Lord is taking me, but I’m certain I will be walking in greatness and I will be operating in my calling to its highest capacity. I will trust in the Lord and no blind spot in my life will stop me from believing nor will it prevent me from getting all that God has for me! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

This is what I’m declaring. So, what will you declare today? What are you willing to believe is still waiting for you, although you can’t see it? If it’s a husband or a wife, then I challenge you to take advantage of this moment and declare what you believe. Declare it with certainty and assurance! Speak your faith over your situation and watch how God works. I dare you to do that now.


If He did it for me, He will do it for you


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