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Our Story

Yes, through Christ all things are possible.

The creation of our love story began long before we met in 2015. We both had been praying and waiting for the perfect mate for a very long time. We both knew it would take something miraculous for us to meet the type of person we desired, especially in the world we live in today. So on December 19, 2015, I logged onto and met the man of my dreams. Yep, that's right. We met on a dating website and our story is a testimony of how God truly works in miraculous ways.

It was a sunny afternoon when I logged on to, created my profile, and started looking at my potential matches. I hadn't been online long when Derek's profile picture caught my eye. He seemed very humble and down to earth, but most importantly he had a heart for God, which was most important to me. After reading his profile I sent him a wink.

I waited by my computer all day, checking my inbox to see if my favorite guy had responded, but to my surprise he had not. I really hoped he would respond back soon because I had no intention on staying on another day. I created my profile under a free one day trial and had no desire to subscribe. After about 9 hours of waiting I remember saying out loud, "Lord, this must not be meant to be". Before officially signing off I decided I would check my inbox one more time and to my amazement my special guy had finally responded! Turns out he was out all day at his grandparent's anniversary party and had left his phone at home. When Derek made it home that night he got ready for bed and was literally about to fall asleep when he heard the Holy Spirit instruct him to check his email. This key detail in our story is indeed the link to our story, because if Derek never checked his email that night we may have never met each other. Once Derek finally responded back I informed him that I was not going to be on anymore and if he was interested in getting to know one other then we could message each other via another social media platform.

In the beginning our conversations were sporadic, but after a few weeks of off and on, hit or miss messaging we got it together. We exchanged numbers and ended up talking for hours into the wee hours of the morning. We had so much in common and had many of the same beliefs, it was almost surreal. There was no doubt we both were one of a kind in each other's eyes. Our first date was a week after our first phone conversation and the rest is history. Here we are a year later getting married!

Watch our proposal video

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